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Gehn v.9 is Live!

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The newly-released version of MO:ULa gave the H'uru developers extra incentive to push out a new version of their own Shard for compatibility. As such, the Writers announced yesterday that Gehn 9 has been released, bringing back quabs and fixing various glitches. This is also the first version of Gehn to feature some Guild of Writers branding, as seen in the updating screen in-game.

For a full list of changes:

  • Fix Alt+F4
  • Fix a potential multiplayer synchronization bug
  • Fix some BlueSpiral synchronization issues
  • Fix some issues related to fireflies
  • Fix an issue with imagers containing unicode characters in their names
  • Limit the minimum resolution to 800x600
  • Minimize full screen window when an error occurs
  • Restore Ahnonay quabs
  • Update game data (PRPs) to MOULa 1.912
  • New Guild of Writers theming to match the site
  • Obfuscated Quigley Matrix

Deledrius on the forums encourages explorers to test out the restored functionality in Ahnonay, and added this reminder afterwards:

Also, please remember that Gehn produces more detailed crash information for us. If you experience any crashes, please post your crash.dmp file so we can perform forensics on the crash and make Gehn better!

Translation Note: A Français translation of this content is available here.

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